More media competence for Saxony's schools: workshops at Gerda-Taro-Schule.

The workshop programme on freedom of the press and diversity of opinion, sponsored by Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig in cooperation with the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research (EIJC) and the media start-up The Buzzard will now be implemented in the curriculum. After first workshops at Oberschule Kitzscher secondary school and Wiprecht-Gymnasium Groitzsch, the first workshops have now also taken place at the third pilot school, Gerda-Taro-Gymnasium in Leipzig.

After a successful digital teachers' conference at the beginning of the year, the app has been implemented in the classroom since April 2021. As the first of three pilot schools, Oberschule Kitzscher will start using and testing the new learning program on 14 April. For this, an app created by The Buzzard is used, which prepares current topics taking into account different sources and opinions. Wiprecht Gymnasium in Groitzsch followed on 28 April. As the last of the three pilot schools, Gerda-Taro-Gymnasium started its first workshops on 20 and 21 May.

A team from The Buzzard will be offering regular workshops on the subject of media skills and will be testing the use of its app in class in the following months. In addition, all students and all teachers at secondary schools throughout Saxony can use the Buzzard app free of charge. The project is supported by various large educational associations in Saxony, including the Saxon Teachers' Association, the Saxony Education and Science Union and the Parents' Council of Saxony.

Registration for using the Buzzard-App is only possible for pupils and teachers in Saxony.