Leipzig School of Media

by Kathrin Schmidt, Marketing Consultant, LSoM

Additional channels of communication, new possibilities for presentation of con­tent, but also high competition for atten­tion and rapidly changing work processes: businesses in the media and communi­cations branch are now confronted with great challenges, in coping with digital change.

The Leipzig School of Media gGmbH sup­ports specialists and senior staff from the fields of journalism, marketing and public relations in utilizing the opportunities of this upheaval. The proficiency centre provides media-makers with basic and advanced training at the highest academic levels.

The LSoM thereby offers four vocational Master courses of study, as well as a broad spectrum of courses and seminars all under a single roof. The offer caters for employees from the entire media branch, as well as for those of advertising companies, non-government organiza­tions, public facilities and special service providers.

Since its foundation in the year 2008 the LSoM, a one-hundred-percent subsidiary of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig, has cooperated closely with state educational establishments. These include the University of Leipzig and the HTWK Leipzig (Leipzig Advanced College of Technology, Business and Culture). This cooperation sustainably promotes interdisciplinary research and training at the Leipzig location. The contents of the specialists areas for journalism, commu­nication, marketing, media technology, information science, media law and media management are linked in an exciting way. In particular the vocational Master courses of study are, for this reason, unique throughout Germany.

Participants in the Master courses of study normally complete their further training program in four semesters, paral­lel to their job. What is taught can be implemented immediately in practice. The instruction takes place on three attend­ance days a month on the modern Media Campus, Villa Ida, in Leipzig. Each course of studies provides only 15 study places a year, in order to enable intensive care in small groups and create an ideal learning environment. After successful participation in one of the Master programs the “stu­dents” receive the state-recognized quali­fication of the LSoM Partner of Advanced Educational Establishments.

The sound academic and practice-oriented further training provided by the LSoM is, for businesses and agencies, a perfect component of ongoing person­nel development aimed at promoting and binding the best junior employees.

Further information: www.leipzigschoolofmedia.de