Review: International Think Tank 2012 - "The Radio Feature in the Digital Age"

Leipzig 27 and 28 January 2012

This first International Think Tank Leipzig was organised by the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig and PRIX EUROPA in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU/UER) to debate for two days the future of the classic radio feature in the new digital spaces online.

The 50 participating programme-practitioners, theorists and experts from 33 organisations all over Europe gave a survey of the already existing strategies from across Europe, discussed the necessary means, finances and talents, analyzed the big change of how radio is consumed today, and faced the windmills of local and international legislation. Finally focusing on new, cross-border feature forms.

A real surprise of the Think Tank was its' unique overture. Already 10 days before the start each participant was asked to feel inspired to write a small paragraph about the radio feature: the situation, the necessities for change, the future - putting the whole matter in a nutshell. The result became the great collection of nutshells.

The following material is available as an overall impression for those who could not be there and as a reminder for those who participated.

List of presentations and speakers

From these 16 expert presentations the following 5 Powerpoint presentations are available:

  • Alexander Shulzycki, EBU - "Public Radio and New Media Trends, transitions, statistics"
  • Liam O’Brien and David Timpson, RTE - "The Irish Experience. The Nuts and Bolts of Crafted Radio Online Success"
  • Gunnar Garfors, IDAG - "Audiences on the Move and Why the Internet does not solve Everything
  • Simon Elmes, BBC - "Don’t Log Off: Features for the Future"
  • Rolf Stengård, SR - "SR Radioleaks"

For a copy of these presentations please contact Hetta Huhtamäki from PRIX EUROPA at hetta(at)

Multimedia native Thomas Weibel wrote a blog about the International Think Tank Leipzig covering all the presentations:

Also take a look at the video nutshell from Hetta Huhtamäki:

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