Laureate 2009: Roberto Saviano

Roberto Saviano
Photo: Ali Ghandtschi

Roberto Saviano, who was born in a small town near Naples, the stronghold of the Camorra, has focussed - for years on end - both his work as a journalist and as a writer on this criminal organisation. In 2006, he published the faction book Gomorrha, which has also been adapted for screen. In it, he in detail portrays Mafia’s underhand methods, its economic and political entanglement, and, moreover, speaks out about culprits and rackets. One certain Camorra clan put a death sentence on him and threatened to kill him several times. Thanks to writer Umberto Eco and the Nobel Prize Committee who interfered on his behalf, Saviano is now under constant police protection, but has to change hideouts every other day.

Despite many death threats, he presentet the four-part programme "Vieni via con me" ("Come away with me") together with Fabio Fazio on Rai 3 in November 2010.

- Saviano received many awards for his book Gomorrha, amongst others the Premio Viareggio, the most renowned literature award in Italy
- 2011: Olof-Palme-Prize