Laureate 2007: Vasil Ivanov

Vasil Ivanov

Vasil Ivanov
is one of only few investigative journalists in Bulgaria. His apartment in the Bulgarian capital Sofia was devastated by a bomb in April 2006.

He works with the private TV station "Nova".

Within the last two years he revealed several acts of corruption within Bulgarian elite and compiled related facts for his TV station. He exposed a notary who legalised motor cars stolen in Western Europe, reported on corrupted physicians in public hospitals and on police officers who cooperated with pimps. With a candid camera Ivanov took pictures of serious deficiencies and mistreatments of prisoners committed by the wardens in Sofia’s prison who organized "gladiator fights" there.

The bomb attack heavily devastated his apartment and wounded his grandmother. The Bulgarian National Assembly condemned the attack and the journalist was given personal protection. Ivanov who claims to know who the assassins are continues his investigations despite numerous threats.