Laureate 2005: Hans-Martin Tillack

Hans-Martin Tillack

Hans-Martin Tillack
is correspondent of Stern magazine in Brussels where he revealed several corruption scandals in the institutions of the European Union.

Hans-Martin Tillack was a Brussels correspondent of Stern magazine from 1999 until mid-2004. Since 2005, he works as a reporter in Berlin. His reports on corruption and democratic deficits within the EU bureaucracy caused widespread interest and lead to repeated harassment against him. Following his story on corruption in the EU statistical office Eurostat in March 2004, Tillack was arrested by Belgian police on the grounds of allegedly bribing officials. His office was searched while he was being detained and interrogated for hours without being able to contact anybody.

This set off a wave of worldwide protests by major media and journalist organisations. Relying on the "Freedom of Information Act", Tillack succeeded to obtain the name of the private sponsors of the German federal ministries in 2007. From now on, the German federal government had to officially publish the names of the grantors.

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