Laureate 2003: Volodymyr Mostovy

Vladimir Mostowoj

Volodymyr Mostovy 
supports the development of a politically independent journalism in his country.

Volodymyr Mostovy, former editor in chief of the renowned Ukrainian weekly Zerkalo Nedeli (Weekly Mirror), is committed to politically independent journalism in Ukraine. He also headed the Commission on Journalistic Ethics, armed with a journalistic manifesto in its fight against political despotism under the government of President Leonid Kuchma.

Mostovy has consistently resisted censorship and the enforced conformity of Ukrainian media despite being threatened and spied on. Ukraine is currently considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for reporters, with four murders in 2002 alone.

Wladimir Mostowoj 2
Volodymyr Mostovy

The government puts pressure on "unruly" publications, e.g., by forcing editorial offices to pay unreasonably high rents or through outright prohibitions on financial support from Western organizations. In a situation like this, fearless journalism of the kind practiced by Volodymyr Mostovy, a staunch defender of freedom of speech, is more important than ever.

A journalist who expresses painful truths always needs the backing of his editorial department. Volodymyr Mostovy was an editor in chief who not only encouraged his colleagues to face the considerable challenges and responsibilities of their profession. He is a model for an entire generation of journalists who fight every day for open and unbiased reporting in Ukraine, free of political influences. This is why the Foundation Council has awarded Volodymyr Mostovy the "2nd Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media" with a purse of 10,000 euros.

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