PR talk with Toni Lösch

Compliance as instrument of internal communication

Toni Lösch

The unanimously appearance to the inside and outside is essential for the perception of a company. Especially their own employees should not be neglected. In this context, the internal communication is an important business value driver.

Together with Toni Lösch, head of corporate communications of Siemens AG Germany, we will discuss how internal communication in a leading international technology company can be used profitably. Attention will also be paid to the integration of compliance into the concert of internal communication.

The PR talk is made possible through the support of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig. In the intimate atmosphere of the Villa Ida, renowned experts of communication will discuss with students. The 25 available seats are each raffled in advance. For this we keep in five seats for each students, alumni and staff of the institute. The remaining ten seats are reserved for LPRS members.

Next PR talk: Friday, 22 January, 7 p.m.