EBU hosts International Feature Conference (IFC) 2014 in Leipzig

40. International Feature Conference (IFC) *
12 – 15 May 2014

Probably the oldest and definitely the most coherent assembly of radio experts is the International Feature Conference (IFC).  This professional community and passionate get-together convenes once a year: 2012 organized by the BBC London, 2013 by the NRK Norway and its Anniversary Conference Number 40 will take place in Leipzig hosted by the joined forces of EBU (European Broadcasting Union), MDR (Central German Broadcasting) and the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig.

Why Leipzig?

"Because of the immaculately equipped 'Media Campus' of the Media Foundation and its excellent reputation of organizing international events."

* The IFC stimulates the development of the radio documentary by the international exchange of knowledge, skills and experience.
* It brings different generations of documentary makers with different cultural backgrounds together to stimulate a process of learning from each other by listening, analyzing, debating and workshopping in surroundings of confidence in each other’s qualities.
* The IFC also stimulates the improvement of skills of young professionals by special training or financial support to join the IFC (Ake Blomstrom Grants).

This conference travels across the world organized in most of the CAPITALS of RADIO.

"Its best feeling is the sense of true community that reigns in the discussion rooms during the conference-week. That is utterly magical, and is unique."

by Peter Leonhard Braun (PRIX EUROPA)