Award for an explorer - "Axel Eggebrecht Prize" 2012 to Friedrich Schütze-Quest

The Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig awards the 10,000 Euro "Axel Eggebrecht Prize" 2012 to feature-author Friedrich Schütze-Quest.

"We congratulate Friedrich Schütze-Quest for this rightly deserved award and are pleased that the still small gallery of our laureates will be complemented by another outstanding name," said Stephan Seeger, Director Foundations of Sparkasse Leipzig. Seeger continued, "We also congratulate the jury and its chairman Peter Leonhard Braun to this wise decision. We have to thank the doyen of the radio feature Peter Leonhard Braun (RBB - Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcast) and the members of the jury Heinz Klunker (Deutschlandfunk - German Radio), Dr. Peter Klein (ORF - Austrian Broadcast), Gisela Corves (WDR - West German Broadcast) and Linde Rotta (freelance author) for their thorough, intensive, thoughtful work."

The foundation honours the lifework of Friedrich Schütze-Quest, the world explorer of German radio feature. During his mission of "world exploration journalism" he roughly covered the distance to the moon and back with 50 radio productions in 30 years. No ticking issue in any corner of the world was safe from him. A possessed, an adventurer, a protozoan of the radio which has to owe him much. The jury unanimously decided to honour him.

The jury had to deal with a strong and controversial field of competitors. Great works with great, old names, but equally fresh oeuvres impressing with courage and vitality. The jury was presented the extensive submissions of 13 candidates, nominated by the ARD (First German Television), German writers associations, Leipzig University, the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig (Leipzig University of Music and Theatre) as well as the Freie Akademie der Künste in Hamburg (Hamburg Free Academy of Arts). A rich field. The jury would have wished to award not only one single prize.

Schütze-Quest is Schütze-Quest, distinctive and since long a seasoned brand. It stands in the tradition of great foreign reports that want to be more than snapshots of serious natural disasters and human tragedies. He is always looking for understanding, for knowledge behind the mere messages. He develops the big connections out from the initially inconspicuous, the hitherto undiscovered.

In the bargain, his genius as a researcher, who risks his life for his matter, is very helpful to him. Neat facts, personally and cleanly written full of warmth and therefore effective for listeners. This narrative style is supported by his experienced handling of microphone and recording device. This allows him to write for his audience and to draw acoustic pictures simultaneously.

Schütze-Quest believes in his radio and is unwaveringly convinced that there will always be a hunger for good stories and valuable information. And this was his way for a well-applied working life. The jury paid tribute to this.

The public award ceremony of the "Axel Eggebrecht Prize" 2012 will take place on Saturday, 28 January, 2012 at the Leipzig Media Campus. The world of radio as well as radio listeners are welcome.

The "Axel Eggebrecht Prize", awarded for the third time by the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig, is aimed at authors who have devoted an oeuvre of content and formal competence to the radio genre "feature". The prize is awarded in alternation with the "Günter Eich Prize".