Golden Doves

The "Golden Dove" award of Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig ("Talent Dove" until 2014) has been awarded since 2004 during the Next Masters Competition of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film "DOK Leipzig".

The prize has a purse of 10,000 Euros, intended as an incentive funding for new film projects by talented upcoming film directors.

The laureate of the award is selected during the "Generation DOK" competition, carried out since 2007.

The "Golden Dove" is awarded to young filmmakers who venture out of the beaten path with their work, oppose to conventionalism, and provoke and surprise the viewer.

Claas Danielsen, festival director until 2015, on the importance of the "Golden Dove":

"Ten thousand euros are a considerable sum for young filmmakers and a great incentive. They can approach potential financers such as television stations, co-producers and film promoters in a completely different way, because the award shows that someone has already shown interest in the project. However, the prize money is intended as a start-up funding, allowing the winner to begin research on his or her next project, develop a persuasive concept, and write an exposé. This increases the probability of actually carrying out the project considerably."

In 2018, the Next Masters category was expanded and now also includes a competition for short documentary and animated films in addition to the Next Masters Competition for long documentary and animated films. The new prize of 5,000 euros will be made possible through additional funding by the Media Foundation.

Laureates since 2004:

Leipzig Documentary Film Festival