Radio Workshop 2011: Facts and Fakes in dialogue

Since Orson Welles broadcasted H.G. Wells' novel "War of the Worlds" as a radio report (adapted by Howard Koch) on the recent invasion of the aliens in New Jersey on 30 October 1938, treacherous disguise of invented stories within the serious outfit of the news radio belongs to the genuine narrative forms of the radio play. Yes, these "pseudo-features" have been enjoying great popularity for ten, fifteen years.

But how do you work out this "apparent" factuality? How can documentary material - audio files from the recorder or the databases of the radio archives - be "used" fictionally? What stimulates and sabotages wit and narrative energy production? And what from the territory of the real world should be considered in such "conversions"? These questions will be addressed by the fifth "Radio Workshop Leipzig" from 26 to 30 January 2011 organized by the Leipzig School of Media. The two seminar leaders Hermann Bohlen and Steffen Moratz will pass on their knowledge and skills to interested young authors.