Circus of everyday life's myths

Radio play author Eberhard Petschinka received the "Günter Eich Prize 2009"Radio play author, producer and painter Eberhard Petschinka (56) received the "Günter Eich Prize" of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig for his lifetime achievement in the radio play genre. The Austrian received the 10,000 Euro prize from the hands of Hartwig Hochstein, vice chairman of the board of Media Foundation.

Hochstein acknowledged Petschinka’s relentless and committed efforts which are dedicated to a critical analysis of the present. Artists who are analyzing the mechanisms of power are indispensable, especially in times of crisis. Only through this, it can be effectively avoided to let populist rhetoric dominate social debates.

In his words of thanks Petschinka gave a direct insight into the "circus of everyday life’s myths" which he reveals in his work. This circus is populated by "little innocents from the Wall Street", "flash Harries" from politics and "language artists" from "info-war TV-channels". He’d rather like to deal with truly poetic issues. But there are just too many bad things in the world that must be fought on every day.

In his eulogy, Dr. Peter Klein accentuated Petschinka’s political commitment. "Eberhard Petschinka is interested in the world and believes it to be worth of improvement.", said the head of radio play of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). His works also express strong emotions and powerful figures. Petschinka simply has what you would call a "theatre’s paw" on stage. This is what makes his almost 30 radio plays so unique.

The head of the jury, Dr. Christoph Buggert, emphasized the importance of prizes such as the "Günter Eich Prize" especially for the medium with no sense of history - the radio. "The broadcasting archives are full of treasures which fall into oblivion much too fast. Impulses that slow down the process of forgetting are an important contribution to the radio culture.", said the former head of radio play of the Hessian Broadcasting (HR).

Inside Buggert, the jury consisted of Linde Rotta, author and journalist from Leipzig, Martin Bopp, head of word/background of Swiss radio DRS2 for many years’ standing, media scientist Hans-Jürgen Krug and Frank Olbert, media critic and deputy feature editor of theKölner Stadtanzeigernewspaper.

For additional information on this year’s laureate Eberhard Petschinka visit his personal Additional information on the "Günter Eich Prize 2009" and the "Schreibwerkstadt Radio" ("Radio Workshop Writing”) can be found

The "Günter Eich Prize" is awarded in cooperation with the culture radio "Figaro"of the Central German Broadcasting (MDR). The radio station broadcasts a record of the award ceremony at the "Media Campus Villa Ida" on Sunday, 8 February. ""