Media Foundation supports recommendations of the 3rd World Journalism Education Congress

Leipzig, 10 July, 2013. The challenges are great: contemporary course offerings for journalists must be more internationally organized and their lesson plans and research programs must become more internationally oriented. This is especially true for course offerings on the European continent. Journalism students all over the world should also be better educated about the "hidden influence of PR on agenda setting, framing, priming and storytelling." These and a series of other recommendations were made by working groups at the 3rd World Journalism Education Congress in Mechelen, Belgium, where 340 journalism teachers from 54 countries met in early July in order to discuss their experiences and present the results of their research.

For the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig and the Leipzig School of Media (LSoM), which expressly supports the above recommendations, Dr. Lutz Mükke gave a lecture presenting his experiences as an educator with "methodical investigation." Dr. Mükke, the Media Foundation's Coordinator of Journalism, Research and International Cooperations, teaches at the LSoM, e.g. in the school's international master degree program in "New Media Journalism." The international courses are offered in collaboration with the Swiss School of Journalism (Lucerne) and the Austrian Journalism Training Association (Salzburg). Lutz Mükke said as follows about the conference: "Three days of dialogue with colleagues from India, Spain, Russia, South Africa and the Netherlands is very beneficial. In addition to a great deal of very practical tips for journalism instructors, we also took home thought-provoking remarks and many helpful contacts."