Laureate 2009: Dušan Miljuš

Dušan Miljuš
Photo: Veronkia Wengert

Constant police protection - this is a feature of Dušan Miljuš’ life as well. In 2008, the former editor in chief of the Croatian daily Jutarnji list was beaten up by strangers with baseball bats outside his house. The assailers broke his arm, he also suffered from concussion. Even before this attack, he got hate mail; a competing newspaper even published his obituary.

What caused threats and the attack can only be assumed: newspaper articles about arms smuggling between the European Union and the states of former Yugoslavia and about the dealings of the Mafia in the municipal building trade in Croatian cities. Dušan Miljuš too, he named the culprits. In Croatia, he has become a symbol of brave journalism. Jutarnji list has been publishing a photo of its former editor in chief ever since, demanding that the crime must be cleared up completely.

Since the end of the Balkan wars, there were more than 40 attacks on Croatian journalists.