Laureate 2008: Susanne Fischer

Susanne Fischer
Photo by Christoph Reuter

Susanne Fischer
was reporting from Iraq since 2003 and has repeatedly proven lots of courage, daring and commitment. Besides this and commissioned by the British "Institute of War and Peace Reporting" (IWPR), she has been actively involved in training journalists since 2005.

The IWPR promotes the development of a free press and media in numerous post-authoritarian states in the world. Workshops and seminars help to strengthen a journalistic expertise directed towards the promotion of free expression and critical coverage.

Susanne Fischer, a resident of both Hamburg and Beirut, was head of IWPR’s office in Iraq - a task demanding courage that contributed towards developing independent media there. After three years, she is now heading IWPR’s office in Syria commuting between Damascus and Beirut.

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