LEIPZIG SCHOOL OF MEDIA launches with 21 students

Three internationally recognized masters programs offer service training for media professionals

Leipzig, 23 October, 2008) The "LEIPZIG SCHOOL OF MEDIA (LSM) - non-profit Association for Continuing Education Ltd." starts with 21 students in three courses in the winter semester 2008/09. Thus, the number of students at the Media campus Villa Ida in Leipzig doubled compared to last year.

Under the umbrella of the LSM, a subsidiary of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig, and in cooperation with the University of Leipzig and the University of Applied Sciences, Economy and Cultur Leipzig (HTWK), three current part time masters degree courses are currently offered. In addition to the already established courses "Web Content Management" and "Cross Media Publishing", a new programme was launched yesterday: "New Media Journalism".

This course of studies, developed by Professor Michael Haller (University of Leipzig) in collaboration with the School of Journalism Hamburg, the Board of Trustees for training journalists in Salzburg and the Swiss School of Journalism MAZ in Lucerne, imparts knowledge about international media management through European networks. The courses are held alternately in Leipzig, Hamburg, Lucerne and Salzburg. The participants come from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

The growing interest in the practical courses of studies of the LSM demonstrates their relevance for the media industry. There is still a lack of professionals who can face the challenges of growing digital revolution. There is a need for allrounder who cannot only create high quality content but who are also able to prepare it for multimedia applications. These allrounder will be trained in the LSM, so that they can aquire the academic degree "Master of Science " part time within two years. The quality of teaching and internationally recognized degree is guaranteed by the participating universities.

"Three years ago we started with five students. Last year there were eleven and this year the number of students raised to twentyone. This shows that the possibilities of part time academic training constitute an attractive offer.", says founding CEO Stephan Seeger. "The courses of studies will be hence expanded. Thus, impulses should come from the LSM for the media center Leipzig."

The LSM still relies on a trusted partnership with the University of Leipzig. The aim is to connect different competence profiles of the best colleges with each other.

Further information: www.leipzigschoolofmedia.de