Villa Ida talk with Georg Mascolo

"What is the future of quality journalism?"

Round of talks in the Vila Ida with Georg Mascolo, editor in chief of Spiegel magazine

To Georg Mascolo Spiegel magazine is an "operation enlightment." The editor in chief of the most influential German news magazine questions current trends and faults in journalism: Are journalists too idle to investigate? Will quality journalism become a luxury good of the elite?

On 13 January, 2010, Georg Mascolo follows the invitation of the Chair of Journalism I of the University of Leipzig to come to the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum (Forum of Contemporary History) and discuss his ideas together with the audience. All interested parties are welcome to attend.

Subsequently, the topic will be consolidated within the series of Villa Ida talks supported by the Media Foundation. The registration can only be handed in to the University of Leipzig, Chair of Journalism I (contact: Dr. Lutz Mükke, Franziska Dähn, +49 341-9735-755 or -756).

The event is part of the course of lectures "perspectives of journalism", during which well-known journalists such as Peter-Matthias Gaede (editor in chief of Geo magazine), Günther Nonnenmacher (editor of FAZ newspaper) or Rüdiger Ditz.

Each lecture begins on Wednesdays at 6.15 p.m. at the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, Grimmaische Straße 6.

Other round of talks:

20 January, 2010 Konstantin Neven DuMont, publishing house DuMont Schauberg
February 2010, Nicolas Brender, editor in chief of the Second German Broadcasting (ZDF) (invited)