Promotion Prize "Talent Dove" goes to Danish director Jeppe Rønde

Leipzig, 25 October, 2004. Yesterday evening during the award ceremony of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, the "Talent Dove" was awarded to an upcoming documentary film maker for the first time. The 10,000 Euros Prize of the Media Foundation went to the Danish director Jeppe Rønde for his film "Jerusalem My Love".

Jeppe Rønde was born in 1973 and studied film sciences and art history at the University of Copenhagen. He works as director, cameraman and composer. "Jerusalem My Love" is his debut film.

From the programme:
"Director Jeppe Rønde is on a search. He has believed in God all his life, but his faith seems to disappear. By undergoing a hypnosis Jeppe travels to Jerusalem. This is the city where the three monotheistic religions collide with an elementary power. Visitors are often left behind with a deep religious shock. In Jerusalem, Jeppe meets different "Prophets" who introduce him into the world of their religion. In a very practical way, they follow their beliefs in their daily lifes: Israel is a Jewish charity worker, who searches rubbish bins all over the city for useful things and clothes which he passes on to people in need. Muslim Muhammad invites drug addicts to his house and shows them a way out of their addiction thanks to his spiritual power. Ted is an American missionary preaching in the streets of Jerusalem like Jesus did. These three men try to convince the young Dane of their religious beliefs. The effect of their openness and spiritual power - not only with Jeppe - is a deep and at the same time undogmatic examination with religion. The multi-layered and beautifully crafted film exerts a great fascination on the viewer who tends to ask: Is the mere search for faith already the aim of our path? Or can Jeppe even regain his lost faith and take a decision?"


Stephan Seeger
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