Summer Party 2015 – Impressions

On 7 July 2015, the traditional Summer Party of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig was held at the “Media Campus Villa Ida”. More than 300 guests also attended a tribute to Ror Wolf, this year’s laureate of “Günter-Eich-Prize”, who for health reasons was not able to come to Leipzig.

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Pressemitteilung 03.07.2015: “Vielleicht hören wir uns wieder”

Ror Wolf erhält den Günter-Eich-Preis der Leipziger Medienstiftung

Leipzig, der 3. Juli 2015. Am 7. Juli ehrt die Leipziger Medienstiftung den Hörspielautor Ror Wolf mit dem mit 10.000 Euro dotierten Günter-Eich-Preis für deutschsprachige Radio-Hörspiele 2015. In gesundheitsbedingter Abwesenheit des Autors findet im Rahmen des Sommerfestes der Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig eine Hommage auf den Autor im “Mediencampus Villa Ida” statt. “Ror Wolf hat ein Radiokunst-Werk geschaffen, das im Laufe der Jahrzehnte das Repertoire des deutschsprachigen Hörspiels stetig erneuert und nachhaltig bereichert hat”, sagte Stephan Seeger, Geschäftsführender Vorstand der Medienstiftung und Direktor Stiftungen der Sparkasse Leipzig. Read more …


“Dramatic transformation of journalism”

The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz criticises Violations on Press Freedom in Europe

Leipzig, 1 July 2015. “The transformation of journalism in Europe in the past 20 years has been dramatic,” said Martin Schulz at a meeting with members of the newly established European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) in Brussels on 30th June 2015. Journalists have been murdered or faced police assaults, media laws were changed in several EU-member or neighbouring countries and the murderous attack on Charlie Hebdo is engraved in the continent’s collective memory.

Pressekonferenz_Brüssel_30.06.2015 (European Parliament)

Dr. Lutz Mükke (ECPMF), Hans-Ulrich Jörges (Gruner+Jahr), Maria Laura Franciosi (Ossigeno per l’Informazione), Martin Schulz (European Parliament), Luisa Chiodi (Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso), Dr. Harald Langenfeld (Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig), Margo Smit (VVOJ), Ides Debruyne (, Stephan Seeger (Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig, from left to right) Credits: European Parliament

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European Centre for Press and Media Freedom founded in Leipzig

Leipzig, 24 June 2015. Representatives of 20 journalists associations, publishing houses, academic institutions, trade unions and media rights experts from many European countries have founded the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) in Leipzig today. Based in Leipzig a team of six starts working after the Centre has now been established as an independent non-profit European Co-operative Society (SCE).

The co-operative’s mission is to unite Europe’s highly fragmented media freedom community and to address media freedom violations in EU member states and beyond. Violations of press freedom will be observed, researched, registered and continuously reported to both the public and the political spheres. The ECPMF will work as a registration office, and as contact point for organizations and individuals.

Henrik Kaufholz is head of the Danish investigation initiative SCOOP and appointed the first Chairman of the Executive Board. He states the ambitious aim of the Centre: “The Centre is meant to be the lighthouse of press freedom in Europe. It will bring together different initiatives and promote closer co-operation among European activists. We will strive for common standards of media freedom across Europe.” Read more …


Meilenstein: Leipzig School of Media beglückwünscht 100. Absolventen

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Whoever wants to support and sponsor the development of a free media has to consider more than the mere economic and employment-oriented aspects. A media centre becomes especially important and attractive when it represents a climate where the media’s great responsibility towards society is recognized as a duty as well as a challenge.

The Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig public savings bank wants to contribute to this climate. One of its key commitments is the fostering of training and further education possibilities for young people in the media field. This involves scholarships (e.g. through the Leipzig Media Award), targeted project support, and the organization of civic education events, such as for the commemoration of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 in Leipzig.

The Foundation projects are financed by the Foundation itself as well as third party contributions and donations.

Every year, the Foundation awards its “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media”. In addition, the Foundation awards the “Axel Eggebrecht Prize”, the “Günter Eich Prize” and the “Talent Dove”.

Nikolaisäule (Andreas Lamm)

Sculpture “Nikolaisäule” (“St. Nicholas Column”) as symbol of the “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media” (Photo: Andreas Lamm)

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Teaching and Research

The Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig is particularly committed to education and training in the media sector. Therefore, the Foundation cooperates closely with local universities and other educational institutions and founded institutes, launched initiatives and projects and created the necessary infrastructure for media-related activities. The respective core institutions are:

  • the “Leipzig School of Media” (LSoM) with its part-time academic master degree programs and seminar programs,
  • the “European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research” (EIJC) with scholarships granted throughout of Europe,
  • special events for the genres of radio feature and radio play

Discover these areas by visiting the related web pages and learn more about the funding spectrum of the Media Foundation.

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Summer Party 2015 – Impressions

On 7 July 2015, the traditional Summer Party of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig was held at the “Media Campus Villa Ida”. More than 300 guests also attended a tribute to Ror Wolf, this year’s laureate of “Günter-Eich-Prize”, who for health reasons was not able to come to Leipzig.


Sommerfest_2015_1 (Marketa Schiffer)

Tribute to Ror Wolf: Thomas Bille (presenter) and Wolfgang Schiffer (head of the jury of “Günter-Eich-Prize”) (Credits: Marketa Schiffer)

Sommerfest_2015_6 (MED)

Stephan Seeger, Media Foundation’s Managing Director, welcomes the guests to the Ror Wolf tribute (Credits: Media Foundation)

Sommerfest_2015_5 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_7 (MED)

Credits: Media Foundation

Sommerfest_2015_11 (MED)

Numerous guests followed the invitation of Media Foundation. (Credits: Media Foundation)

Sommerfest_2015_2 (Marketa Schiffer)

Credits: Marketa Schiffer

Sommerfest_2015_4 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_10 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_12 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_17 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_16 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_15 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_14 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_13 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_9 (MED)

Sommerfest_2015_8 (MED)

Credits: Media Foundation

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Leipzig Media Award

The Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig is committed to the memory of the Peaceful Revolution that took place in East Germany in 1989. Freedom of speech and unrestricted gathering of information through a free and independent press were key demands of the civil rights activists and demonstrators during the Leipzig Monday demonstrations at that time.

Through the annual awarding of the “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media”, the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig supports the freedom of press and with it the memento of the events of 1989.

The defense of the freedom of press is more important than ever. Even in free societies it is endangered: the patterns of suppression of information are becoming more subtle. The “Leipzig Media Congress”, which was organized by the Media Foundation in October 2010 and which formed the thematic framework of the award ceremony 2010, was dedicated to this issue.

By awarding further prizes – such as the “Talent Dove” for the best documentary of a talented newcomer at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, the “Günther Eich Prize” and the “Axel Eggebrecht Prize”, the Foundation promotes culturally and qualitatively sophisticated work in text, sound and film.

All awards of the Media Foundation are summarised under the generic term “Leipzig Media Award”.

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Media Campus

The “Media Campus” in the Leipzig district of Gohlis was erected by the Media Foundation. Together with the historic Villa Ida building where the actual seat of the Foundation is located it forms an interesting ensemble and thus literally combines old and new.

“Media Campus Villa Ida” is home of the “Leipzig School of Media” (LSoM), a subsidiary of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig. In cooperation with local universities, the LSoM offers part-time master courses for media professionals.

The building includes a large hall for events with a capacity of up to 280 seats, which can be divided by a movable partition wall. This room can also be used as a lecture hall. On the first floor you find two seminar rooms with 25 seats each, a training room for video editing with ten seats and an audio recording studio. On the top floor there is a PC room with 23 seats and offices for lecturers. In addition, the building accommodates a small public bistro, which also supplies the Media Campus and four apartments for scholars/guest lecturers.

Hotel Michaelis Leipzig runs our “Restaurant Campus” and is the exclusive partner for the catering of every event at “Media Campus”.

Media Campus Villa Ida
Hotel Michaelis

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